Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's R No Fun

Most people hate Monday's b/c well who wants to go back to the reality of life after the weekend.  Not me that's for sure!  Plus, it doesn't help that yesterday was so pretty outside and today is again.  It makes me want to lay out at my parents pool and get a tan.  Although, it might be a little cold for that still.  I can dream of it though as I sit inside all day staring out the window.... 

Anyway, today is me and Bryan's 8 year anniversary!  Wooo-hooo...we made it another year.  ;)  It's odd b/c even though we are celebrating 8 years of marriage its really so much more than that.  We have been living together since 2000 and we started dating in 1996.  We have made it through a lot and really grown up together and not apart, as so many high school sweet hearts do!  As much as we both drive each other crazy we do still love each other very much and wouldn't want our lives any other way.  So Thank you Bryan for being my husband and loving me no matter what and for being an awesome Daddy!   

This weekend was pretty good...Kaylie had softball on Friday and Sat. and even though she was sick she pulled through on the Friday night practice and did really well at the batting cages.  It was her first time and while she did look like she wanted to run after the 1st pitch her coach really walked her through it and she ended up hitting a few balls!  Saturday practice she was a real trooper...she got hit in the chin and shook it off and then she was grazed in the arm with a ball hit by another player (and that looked like it HURT) but again she shook it off like a big girl.  She told me afterwards she really wanted to cry after that one but she sucked it up!  GO KAYLIE, way to be tough! :)   

Some weekend pics:
Kaylie & Kelly about to go on a walk...Kelly is missing one sock b/c she kicks one off all the time.  I put it back on before we left!
 Poor baby she is teething like crazy!  
 Kaylie and her friend Amy at the park.
 Kelly holding her bottle like a big girl...she is actually starting to get mad if you don't let her do it!

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