Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby Girl #3

So we finally had our baby and it was a little girl!  I have to say I wasn't surprised I thought it was a girl deep down the whole 9 months.  I couldn't be happier.  Of course I feel a teeny-tiny bit sorry for Bryan but only when the girls hit the teen years and "aunt flow" starts visiting.  Aside from that I think he's one lucky guy to have all these girls love on him.  I know he feels exactly the same too.  :) 

Everyone meet Kara Michelle!!

 This picture is from her actual birthday, Oct. 24th!  She was 7lbs 10oz. which is a lot bigger than Kelly was but she still seems so tiny.  The crazy thing is that she came out with a head full of brown hair.  More hair than I have ever seen!!  All of our babies are basically bald until they are like 2 years old so this was a shock.  Of course in typical fashion she looks exactly like her daddy!  ALL of our babies look just like Bryan, at least he knows they are his.  Ahhahahahah!!!
This is Kara on day 4...she is a very good baby so far but we still have our days and nights mixed up.  It's a work in progress...we'll get it straight hopefully sooner than later!  Aside from that all is well and we are all getting adjusted.  I feel really great after my 3rd c-section so that is good too.  That's it for now....I'll have more as the week progresses. 

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