Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bad Idea...

I'm starting to think not finding out the sex of this baby in my belly was a bad idea!  What was I thinking??  I hate surprises so why in the world would I want to be surprised to find out what has been growing inside me for 9 months? I guess the real problem for me will be if it is a boy because if its a girl I am good to go.  BUT if it's a boy I think I will really freak out.  I have NOTHING for a boy.  I mean nothing.  No closet full of clothes like I have had for both my girls, no baby boy bedding, no baby boy toys - nada-zilch!  With both of my girls I was mega prepared but if this little baby is a boy we are not ready.  I will have to bring him home in a baby girl car seat. 

I suppose am hoping first and foremost for a healthy baby and then for it to be another girl.  It will make my life a lot easier...BUT based on that thought process it will be a boy. 

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