Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Kellster

Kelly is so much fun right now...I just love-love-love this age.  She loves to be outside, she loves almost all food, she loves to play with her big sis and while she is a little bit of a handful she's such a good baby!  I'm really getting nervous about baby #3 and how it will effect Kelly.  She's still so little that she probably won't remember but dealing with it right now will be hard.  I won't be able to pick her up for a little while after my C-section and I assume my hands will be full a lot of the time with the new baby.  I guess I am just feeling guilty for having a baby and then having another baby.  Of course one day none of it will matter and I'm positive they will love being 1 year apart. I just hope and pray baby #3 will be just as good and easy as Kelly!! 

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