Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What Wed.!

This week I am saying so what to.....

  • I'm seriously running out of maternity clothes...I'm like for real on a rotation but I will NOT break down and buy anything else when I only have 3 weeks left!
  • I'm so disappointed with the RHONJ.  What happened to you women?? Reunion part 1 was disgusting.
  • I started to watch Survivor and I think I could really get into it but I just don't have time in the evenings to keep up with shows anymore. 
  • Kelly Belly is so much fun right now!  I can't wait to be home with her for a while.
  • Kaylie lost another tooth yesterday and I put a bag of candy under her pillow last night instead of $$!!  Hey - she was happy.  :)
  • We are trying to go out of town for Christmas and I'm really excited about taking that time to be with just my husband and kids.  I know it may sound selfish but I want that time for just us.
  • Bryan has been driving his work van home and I want it gone.  It looks so bad in our driveway!
  • I'm not looking forward to the surgery part of having this baby BUT I am starting to get super excited to find out what it is!!!  I'm starting to feel like it could be a boy - and that is freaking me out a little bit.
  • I almost died last week when my favorite blogger stopped by my So What Wed. post!!  She even left a comment.  I felt like a celebrity had been here.  (I know I am a dork!).
What Am I Wearing:
Yep - it's my where's waldo or freddy cougar dress again.  ;)


  1. I've got less than a week left in my pregnancy and I seriously hate all of my maternity clothes. They are so over worn that I just don't even feel like getting dressed! But I figured its silly for me to go shopping now, right??

  2. YES! I feel exactly the same! Congrats on your pregnancy. :) I will have to become a reader of your blog since you and I will be going through the same newborn baby things very soon!!!

  3. Seriously the RHONJ ladies are crazy!! Theresa annoys the heck out of me now!