Thursday, October 11, 2012

I've had better...

I've had better weeks.  This week has not been great for me.  For starters I have mucho work issues, my temporary replacement didn't work out so now I am back to having no replacement after training the other girl for almost two weeks.  Granted the woman was (as Bryan put it) a "Train Wreck" but I was still hoping to finish getting her trained and wash my hands of the situation.  But no such luck!  Now I have one week left at work and it will be spent trying to get someone else up to speed on my job.  Not cool. 

Also, I think it's really interesting how two people can have a discussion, argument, disagreement, whatever you want to call it and both walk away with different opinions on what took place.  Sometimes I wish I had a video camera attached to me so I could rewind the footage and see what really took place or better yet show that other person.  Too bad I don't have that luxury so now I just have to agree to disagree and move forward...hurt feelings and all.  

Of course because I am one week or so from having this baby I am very uncomfortable.  I'm not sleeping at night, I mean seriously I am up all night long.  Driving and sitting at my desk is killing my back.  Bryan has really been helping with Kelly the last couple of nights because it's just too hard on me to be on the floor giving her a bath and then picking her up and well just taking care of her is difficult in general...I'm just not moving as fast as my normal self.  I know that all of this will be worth it once the baby is here....but it's getting to that point that is hard. That's all I have for now, not the happiest blog hopefully happier ones will come soon.

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