Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Monday

Today is just another typical Monday for me.  Early to bed, early to rise.  I'm so overtired lately and it's because I am not sleeping well at all.  I have had a horrible headache for two days that just won't go away.  I even took Tylenol but it didn't do anything.  This is leading me to think I am for sure having another girl.  Although, I don't remember having headaches with Kaylie or Kelly but for some reason I just think that is a symptom of having a girl.  Also, we sold our old washing machine and dryer to a lady in our neighborhood and out of the blue she said, "What are you having, a girl?" I said, "We don't know." Then she said, "Ohhhhh...well I worked in a maternity store for 12 years so I can just tell".  Of course Bryan said I shouldn't listen to her but I think she might be right.  We are just destined to have a house full of girls.  I guess God wants to bless us with a bunch of Jennifer's because I am so much fun.  LOL.  All I know is please Lord help us when they start hitting the teen years.  ;)

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