Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday

Well as usual the weekend flew right by.  We did have a pretty good weekend though.  Kaylie stayed at my parents house Friday night so it was just me, Bryan and Kelly.  We went to Sam's (for Diapers - it's the only place I will buy them) and then out to dinner.  Kelly waved for the 1st time at the people sitting across from our table.  It was super cute!  I was in shock and the lady felt so proud that she - a complete stranger shared in that moment with us.  Oh how life has changed from bar hopping or even just sitting at home and drinking to diaper runs, dinner and the excitement of our baby's 1st wave.  ;)  And you know what, I really love it.  Saturday was the usual errands, grocery store, cleaning, laundry, mowing the law, etc. Sunday morning we went to church and then had Nana, Pop, Aunt Cydni, Joven, Ellye, & Michael over for lunch/dinner.  So it was a nice weekend...and I have to add I wasn't loving my new Tahoe until this weekend...and you know what I actually really love it now!  So that is a plus!  I guess it just needed to grow on me. 

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