Friday, July 13, 2012


So glad it's Friday! Kaylie spent the night with Grandpa O'Neal and Elaine on Wed. night and had a blast.  She loved the Lion King!  We were happy to have her back home yesterday and today I'm leaving early to pick up her BFF and take her home with me for a sleep over.  It should be fun.  I think we will take the girls to Chuck-e-Cheese or Monkey Bizness tonight and out to dinner.  Then tomorrow is Circus time!  I think I am more excited about the Circus than Kaylie.  LOL.  Kelly belly will be missed though.  She is going to stay the night at my parents house so we can spend extra time with Kaylie and not have to take the baby to the Circus.  Speaking of Kelly she is so cute and getting so big.  She does the cutest things of them is if anyone uses the hallway bathroom she crawls over to the door and flops down on her belly to try and peek under the door to see who is in there.  Its seriously the cutest thing EVER.  I am going to have to try and get a picture of her doing it.  Also, if I am ever eating anything (no matter what it is) she will come over to me and open her mouth and wait for me to give her some.  Of course there are some things I can't let her eat and then she gets super mad.  It's pretty funny!  I will post a bunch of pics on Sunday from this weekend!! 

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