Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Stuff

Tomorrow is July 4th, yah for a free day off work!  I wish I could have taken Thursday & Friday off but I need to save all my PTO for when I have the new baby.  Kaylie's bday is next week and she has a jam packed week of fun, going to the Circus, The Lion King, Ice Age and having a sleep over!  I have a Dr.'s appt. today it seems like I was just there the other day and really it's already been a whole month already.  Time is moving fast-fast-fast with this pregnancy.  Bryan is really-really-seriously trying to quit smoking and I'm so proud of him.  Obviously, we love the big guy and need him around for many years to come so we are all praying this time works!  Kelly belly broke out in a rash all over her body yesterday morning.  The nurse said it was just the reaction to the virus she had all weekend.  I guess she had that Roseola virus.  Kaylie had that one time and it was so much worse than this time with Kelly.  Kaylie had like 104-105 fever for 5 days.  I will never forget b/c I missed the whole week of work and took her to the Dr. almost everyday.  They kept telling me she was okay but I was freaking out.  Then on day 5 the fever stopped and the rash came over her entire body.  She looked terrible but it was a sign the virus was finally gone.  Luckily Kelly only ran like 101-102 fever and it really only lasted 3 days.  Also, the rash was only on her tummy and chest.  So I think we got off easy with her.  I just want both my kiddos to be healthy & happy for a good LONG while now...we have had way too much sickness for summer time. 

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