Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Failed Glucose Test

So today I failed my glucose test at my OB appointment.  I'm none too pleased.  For starters I have never had this with either one of my last pregnancies.  I am a pretty healthy girl and while I do admit I have been eating much less healthy with this pregnancy (can you say fast food anyone?) diabetic I am not.  My test was 168 which they said was way too high.  SO now I have to go back tomorrow morning and sit at the Dr.'s office for 3 hours.  I think I'm more P/O'd about having to waste half a day of PTO.  And basically there isn't anything they can do about it except send me to a nutritionist (which I don't need to go too) and have me buy a blood test thing (which I don't need - I'm pretty sure my Dad can let me use his since he never uses it).  I feel like calling my Dr. back and telling her, "Look, I get it...and I have been eating some real crap lately - - SOOOOO here's the deal I am going to eat much healthier from now on - problem solved." I mean do I look like I have gestational diabetes??

 Not a happy lady today!

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