Monday, July 16, 2012

Kaylie's 8th Birthday

Friday night we ended up just having Taryn spend the night and that actually worked out great for me.  Kaylie and Taryn are such awesome friends.  They have known each other since they were 3 years old and they get along awesome!  If your a mother of a little girl you know that sometimes it's hard to find friends that don't fight and these two never fight.  It's always fun-fun-fun.  We went to Willies for dinner and the girls got mustaches from the quarter machines - they thought this was hilarious.  We had the wait staff sing happy bday to Kaylie and that was sooooo funny b/c Kaylie was not expecting it and the girls both had their stashes on when the waiters came out.  We also hit up Chuck-e-cheese after to dinner and didn't get home until almost 10pm. Which is late for me!

Saturday morning came way too fast the girls were up until around midnight (thats when I shut the party down) and we had to be up early to get ready for the circus.  The circus was fun but I have to admit Kaylie wasn't all that impressed.  :(  I think she is just getting too big for it....or maybe she was just over tired. 

After the circus we were all pretty worn-out...we headed home and rested and then went to dinner.  Sunday my parents came and picked up Kaylie to take her to lunch and the movies.  We sang happy bday and had cake.  It was a good bday...but different since there was no party.  I think next year we will have to go back to throwing a party again.

So that's it my baby girl is now 8 years old.  She is getting so big and smart and pretty and we just love her soooo much!

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