Monday, July 2, 2012

Is it Monday again?

Wow this weekend flew right by.  Kelly was sick but started feeling better (no fever) on Saturday night.  Kaylie was her normal handful self.  And Bryan was - Bryan.  He's driving me absolutly crazy and it'a all around the new car search.  We took Kelly and Kaylie to my parents house on Saturday and went to test drive some vehicles and let's just say it didn't go so well.  Everything I want is nothing that Bryan wants and everything Bryan wants I feel is too expensive.  We are def. at a stale mate (or whatever you call it)...and it's not making life at home very sweet between us.  My whole argument is that Bryan does not have to drive this car on a daily basis.  Yes, it will be our "family" car that we take on road trips or to the beach or the Frio but that should not be cause for Bryan to decide what I drive everyday.  By Saturday evening I was totally over Bryan and the car argument.  Clearly Bryan understood I was not a happy little wifey because on Sunday he happily agreed to watch the baby while Kaylie and I went and got mani/pedi's.  When we got home he cooked dinner for all of us. Dinner was sooo good too...he made ribs perfectly and corn on the cob on the BBQ pit - yummm!  He even helped clean up the mess!  I suppose somehow the new car will work it self out otherwise I will be stuffing 3 kids into the truck for a while. 

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