Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kaylie's Birthday Week

So this Saturday my baby girl turns 8 years old!  It's crazy to think how fast 8 years has gone.  Sometimes I just want to freeze time.  She has a busy fun week starting tomorrow and I hope that it is wonderful for her.  She's going to the Lion King tomorrow night with Grandpa O'Neal and Elaine.  Then Friday night having a sleep over and Saturday going to the circus.  Saturday or Sunday she will spend time with Grandma & Grandpa and maybe go see the new Ice Age movie.  It should be a great birthday week for her. I feel a little guilty b/c normally we have a big blow-out bday party but this year just didn't work out like that.  Not that she is missing out on fun but it's just different this year.  I remember many birthday's when I was a kid that were spent with just me and my family going to dinner and having a homemade cake at home.  Of course I had some big parties but not every year.  So I guess we are bringing it back old-school style (as Kaylie would say).  =) 

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