Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12 Month Check-Up and Shots

This morning Kelly had a her 12 month check up.  I wanted to reschedule the shots because she just started feeling better after 7 days of illness but her Dr. said she was fine to receive the shots.  Poor baby...it was 4 shots in total.  Anyway, I hope she will be okay today.  I worry and worry and worry about my babies!  Her growth percentiles are:
  • Weight - 83.86%
  • Height - 95.16%
  • FOC (head) - 53.76%
So she is looking good and on track.  He did say we need to switch to whole milk and also decrease the amount she is drinking just slightly.  Which makes sense b/c it does seem like she drinks a LOT of milk. 

This afternoon I have a Dr.'s appt. so we'll see how this new baby is doing in my belly!  I am so tired already though and feel like I have just ran a marathon.  Dr.'s office, babysitter, work-work-work, my Dr.'s office and back to work-work-work!  A lot of running around and not a lot of fun.  ;)

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