Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick Updates

Weekend was good.  For starters we got our A/C fixed on Friday.  I met our a/c guy around 11am and he wasn't finished until around 2pm.  I had to work from home which meant me sitting in a hot house on my laptop but none of that mattered as long as the a/c was working again!  Saturday Bryan did house work and Kaylie, Kelly and I all went to the mall.  Sunday we swam at my parents pool and then had dinner at Bryan's mom's house.  Joven, Ellye and Kaylie all swam in the pool in the back yard and we had some yummy BBQ.  Monday we hung out at my parents pool and had dinner there.  Kaylie and Blake ran around like maniacs and Kelly belly entertained us all.  Soooo...it was a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Now back to work.  BOO!!

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