Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

So what if....
  • I told both Bryan and Kaylie that I will no longer cook either one of them dinner.  I will now only feed Kelly and myself.  If it's not one of them complaining about what I have cooked then it's both of them and I refuse to deal with it any longer!
  • I'm so sick of wearing the same clothes but I really don't want to buy new maternity clothes...I'm so close to the end.
  • I'm considering dying my hair brown just so I don't have to deal with highlighting it while on maternity leave.  Uhhh...I just look so much better blonde! 
  • I'm still giving Kelly belly a bottle early in the morning.  The pedi told me yesterday to stop but it's almost the only time she is a cuddle bunny with me still.  I don't want to lose that time with her.
  • I feel mega guilty about having this next baby when Kelly is still so little. 
  • I told Bryan I'm going to wait to have this baby until Oct. 24th (b/c of work) and he was not pleased he was really pushing for Oct. 17th...I think the guy is ready for me to back to myself!  I can't blame him.
  • Kaylie has been sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night again for the last week and I know when she is doing it but I don't have the energy to say anything.
  • Has anyone seen the Abby and Brittany show on TLC?  This may be really wrong of me but the show is really distrubing and hard for me to watch. 
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What am I wearing Wednesday??
(it's another recycled outfit but at least I don't have flip-flops on!)

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