Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sleeping Dog

Kaylie has been crawling into our bed in the middle of the night for a couple weeks now and it's NOT okay.  I'm already big and pregnant and uncomfortable and then to have our 8-year old smashed in between Bryan and I is no good.  She tosses and turns and makes our king-size bed feel like a twin. So last night at dinner (yes, I did cook for everyone despite saying I would no longer) Bryan and I told Kaylie she needed to stay in her bed all night and stop sneaking into our bed.  End-of-conversation.  We also have a 100lb lab that likes to also sneak onto the foot of our bed once we are sound asleep.  Of course as soon as Bryan or I knows he is on the bed we kick him off.  Well around 2am I felt with my feet what I think is Coby- our dog and kick him (pretty hard) off the bed.  When I suddenly hear, "Ahhhhhhh" and lots of crying.  Of course I jumped out of bed and realize I have just kick the crap out of Kaylie!!!!  She was crying her back hurt and her ankle and was basically hysterical.  I was trying to calm her down but at the same time asking her what in the world was she thinking?? She said she didn't want us to know she was in our bed.  OMG!! the end b/c I felt so bad for kicking her onto the floor I let her (once-again) sleep in between Bryan and I.  So not only was I smashed all night but I also struggled to go back to sleep!  KIDS!!! 

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