Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So What Wed!

This week I am saying so what to:
  • I am tired of being pregnant, tired of working full-time and being pregnant, tired of doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and in general just tired of everything. 
  • I haven't even attempted to do Kaylie's hair all week!  At least she has been brushing it.
  • We are finally hiring a temp to be my replacement while on maternity leave.  I know she's not perfect but whatever it's for 10 weeks! She will do.
  • Bryan was not happy with dinner last night (again) and I really want to strangle this man.  I think there are a lot of working Moms (and some not working for that matter) that don't cook at all.  I come home every single night and cook - so stop complaining!!
  • I seriously have nothing ready for the new baby.  I'm not gonna lie I went into panic-mode the other night b/c at the very least I need to start buying diapers!
  • I can't wait to have a vacation.  We are trying to arrange a trip to the Frio River over Christmas and I'm super excited!! 
What am I wearing on this Wed.??
Uhhhh...I hate what I'm wearing and I'm so ready to never wear anything in my closet that is maternity again!!!


  1. Wow you rock Mama, you are totally right a lot of women dont cook and being pregnant, working, wifing it and being a mom, your husband is lucky :) Keep up the good work girl :)

    Stopping by from So What Wednesday.

    1. Thank you, you are sweet! I think I need a girls vacation so he can miss me for a while and then apperciate me more. ;)

  2. ummm I think you look totally adorable! Really! Love the outfit!

    1. Ahhhhh!!! My first comment from my favorite blogger EVER!! =) This totally just made my day.