Monday, September 24, 2012

Exactly 1 Month

So if I can make it to Oct. 24th to have this baby then officially today I have 1 month left to be pregnant!  Whooo-hoooo!!  I know some women get all emotional after they have the baby and miss that feeling of being pregnant BUT not me.  I'm like in heaven after I give birth.  It's like I can finally start to get my body back and my life.  Although, I did go through some depression after Kelly but I think it was because of all the change.  Life had been so easy for me for so long.  Kaylie was 7 years old and it was like all of a sudden I was starting from scratch.  I think this time will have it's fair share of struggles because Kelly is still so little but at the same time I'm baby ready because of Kelly.  I have a Dr.'s appt. tomorrow so we'll see if my Dr. suggests having this baby girl (LOL...I think!) on Oct. 17th!!  :)

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