Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Funday

Sunday was Kelly's birthday party and luckily she was finally starting to feel better.  She still wasn't totally herself b/c it really had been less than 24hrs of her being fever free but at least she didn't have a fever and was starting to feel better.  Her party turned out well and she got lots of great presents and super cute clothes!
 Update:  below are some pic's from Nanna!  They turned out really cute!
p.s. you can see a bruise on her forehead...she fell on the coffee table the day before. 

 This was her present from Mommy & Daddy...we gave this to her on her actual bday!
 The cupcake - cake I made for her. 
 Kaylie and her cousins ate lunch outside in her tree house.  It was so pretty outside.
 Kelly smiling while we all sang happy birthday to her. 
Kaylie, Blake and Kelly Belly just before she dug into her cake.  She loved it!

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