Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday you couldn't have come fast enough

This week has been a rough one for me.  The stress of my job the new baby coming and all my other "normal" stuff really took a toll on me this week.  I actually cried to my Mom on my drive to get Kelly AND I cried to Bryan on my drive home after I picked up Kelly.  Surprisingly Bryan was very nice and said good things.  Sometimes Bryan has a tendency to just get aggravated with me when I start crying.  It's like he hears my voice shake and all of a sudden he can't handle anything I'm going to say.  Anyway, he didn't do that last night so that was nice.  Also, he took it upon himself to unload the dishwasher AND make dinner for everyone - salad included - just to give me a break.  I was so thankful that he did that b/c another thing that happened in the mist of my breakdown on my drive home was that when I got to the sitters house to get Kelly she was running a fever and looked horrible.  Poor baby it was written all over her face that she was sick.  I immediately gave her Tylenol when we got home.  And she seemed okay throughout the night.  This morning she was smiley and fever free so I took her to the sitter and dragged myself into work.  My job right now is just crazy busy and I'm basically doing two jobs.  One would think people would be like, gee she's 8 almost 9 months pregnant we should probably chill out on this girl but NO instead it's the exact opposite!  Their like...OMG, your pregnant and about to be out for 2 months so we're going to dump as much on you as we possibly can before you leave.  Anyway...with all the stress I'm under I really am starting to think Oct. 24th is too long for me to wait.  I might just go with the Oct. 17th due date.  I see my Dr. on Tuesday so I will discuss with her again but I'm really starting to feel like the sooner I can have this baby the better. 

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