Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Bryan has really been disappointed and a little sad lately about our dinners.  The truth is I love to cook and Bryan got a little spoiled there for a while.  I was making him home-cooked yummy dinners that most men would love to have.  But let's face it when you have an 8 year old, 1 year old and your pregnant (and work full time) it makes it a little difficult to be standing in the kitchen for hours cooking.  Yesterday was a rainy Sunday so it made for the perfect day for me to whip up one of Bryan's favorite meals.  Of course I learned this from my Mom she always called it "Pigs in a Blanket" although I never understood why b/c I think technically "Pigs in a Blanket" are sausage inside I call it "Stuffed Cabbage" and Bryan LOVES this meal.  It's time consuming and has the potential to make a mess, hence why I haven't made it in so long.  Anyway...he was a very happy man last night and that made me feel good.  I really love when I can cook something that he will enjoy.  I wish I had more time to do this everyday! 
First you have to boil the cabbage leaves...then you start your meat mixture. 1lb Ground beef, rice and diced tomatoes (I used diced tomatoes with green chilies for a little spice).
Once your cabbage leaves are soft (but not too soft) you drain the pot and pour ice-cold water on them.  Once cool enough to handle you begin stuffing the meat mixture into the leaves.  Stuff, roll, repeat.
Have your pan coated with spaghetti sauce and begin placing the cabbage rolls into the pan.

Once you have the whole pan full pour the remaining spaghetti sauce on top of the cabbage.  Cook in the oven for 1hour at 350. 

I also made a homemade lentil soup with a recipe I stole from a magazine at the Dr.'s office.  I loved it but Bryan's not the biggest fan of lentils so he thought this was just okay.  So Sunday was spent pretty much indoors b/c of the rain and it was perfect.  Happy husband, football on TV, Kaylie and Kelly playing and Mommy cooking.  Oh the good life! 

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