Thursday, September 6, 2012

Poor Baby

Kelly was sick yesterday - actually she wasn't feeling well on Tuesday and the sitter called to tell me she had a fever in the afternoon.  Her fever was worse on Wed.  (102.6) so I stayed home with her and took her to the Dr.  The Dr. was an entire mess in itself b/c the Katy office (where we normally go b/c I have been with the same Dr. since Kaylie was born - 8yrs now!) was booked solid and that really made me mad.  So I called the Cypress location (which is where we live, so I should go there anyway, but like my old school pedi) and they could see her but the Dr. we saw was awful.  He was short with his answers and rude and I will never see him again.  I really have no clue how he has any patients at all.  Anyway, they said it was just a virus (surprise!) and it needs to run it's course.  She is back at the sitter today and I hope she will be okay.  I feel so guilty leaving her when I know she's not 100% herself.  She really needs her mommy!  This is when work really sucks more than normal.  Hopefully she will feel better before her bday party on Sunday. 

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